8 Pro Tips for Wedding Decorations at Reception

The best wedding decorations should make the day memorable. We share tips on how to come up with the best decorations that suit a wedding.

Weddings are always supposed to be full of color and beautiful decorations. However, that does not happen overnight. This is because wedding decorations can take months of preparation to get right. What is the best approach to such decorations? Below are the pro tips you need if you ever want to decorate a wedding.

1. Have A Vision

In everything that you do, it is always important to have a vision for it. One of the things about the vision is to decide the theme. The theme can often set the tone for your other wedding decorations.

Still, you will need to consider the color palette of the theme. Having a palette means choosing several colors and making the wedding look its best.

We also recommend that you look at the wedding style that you want. The common styles are rustic, vintage, modern, and more.

You should not forget the couple’s personality as it can help you understand what you can provide to the couple. Make sure you engage them regularly to understand what kind of wedding vision they want before narrowing down the options.

2. Prioritize The Key Elements

Now that you have a vision and theme, the next is to decide what must be handled first. You may have difficulty coordinating all the wedding decorations needed without proper planning and prioritization.

Identify the key elements of the decoration and start working on them. Examples include table centerpieces, cake stands, lighting, and more. Once these are handled, it becomes easier for the other small details to fall into place.

With a wedding, the flow of wedding decorations is very important. This can only happen when you take note of the key elements that set the tone for the other small bits to complete the look of the wedding reception.

3. Add More Lighting To The Space

hanging wedding decorations for night weddings

It is possible to have the wedding in an area that might not have the best lighting. Or, it could be the couple wants more lighting in their wedding reception. Your job is to ensure the lighting is not too much but just perfect for ensuring the best reception ever for the couple.

You can come across different types of lighting to consider. Such include string lights, candles, uplights, and many others. Choose the lights to create the moods and effects you need for the wedding.

If one of the wedding decorations is the focal point, ensure it is well-lit so they can see it each time they enter the venue.

4. Personalize The Wedding Decorations

Whenever you decide to decorate for a wedding, just know personal touches are important. The aim is for the couple to own it and make it their dream wedding.

One of the best ways to customize wedding decorations is to put up photos of how you met, your dating life, your proposal, and more. Let those coming to the wedding know more about your life so that they see how much you have enjoyed being together.

You can also personalize the wedding decorating with custom signage explaining where the guests can sit or give directions. Include sentimental items to the couple that makes them feel it is worth going through with the wedding.

5. Consider The Reception Venue Layout

The venue layout is also important if you make the wedding decorations look their best. The layout can determine how you plan the tables to maximize the space’s utilization. Still, the layout helps create flow with your decoration so they do not seem out of place.

The layout can also influence how you choose the decor elements and how they will be arranged.

6. Do Not Forget The Small Details

It is quite easy for someone working on wedding decorations to focus too much on the key elements and forget the small details. Some small details people tend to forget are place cards, favors, and proper signage.

You can imagine the guests have arrived, and there is no signage helping them to navigate the venue. Also, the place cards are nowhere to be found; thus, the seating arrangement is messed up.

Plan the small details early, even if they will be the last ones to set up. As you can see, it is better to have them ready and only focus on setting them up.

7. Incorporate Textures And Layers In The Decorations

ribbon wedding decorations

You do not have to be one person who never tries something new or is too afraid that the couple might not like it. Well, wedding decorations do not have to be the same from one wedding to another. One way to ensure that is by having textures and layers as decorations.

Fabrics and ribbons are a smart way of adding layers and texture to the venue and tables. Ensure the colors match your theme so they do not look out of place.

You could also try natural elements in the venue to help with a great look. The idea is to have a unique look that still makes people love it for wedding decorations.

8. Come Up With A Focal Point

Talk to the couple to understand what they would like to be their focal point. Once you have an idea, work on bringing it out. The focal point is vital to make the wedding space visually interesting and create a memorable experience for all guests.

A great focal point can also be the best place for photos during the wedding. So, it is always supposed to be a statement piece that no one will miss it.


We can all see that creating a beautiful wedding decoration is possible if we do the job right. Do not worry so much about what other people have done already. Talk to the couple having the wedding to understand their needs first. This will always help you make beautiful wedding decorations that suit them. You can always work with other professionals in the same field to ensure you get everything right for the wedding day.


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