What Size Vase for Bridesmaid Bouquet

Choosing a vase for bouquet can be vital for the overall look of the bouquet. We give you ideas on the best vase size to pick today.

Whenever you are planning a wedding, not many people might think about the bridesmaid bouquet vase. However, it is still an important part of decorating the wedding ceremony and ensuring the bouquet remains to look fresh and beautiful. There are many vases in the market, but what size will work best as a vase for bouquet?

The general rule for buying a vase for bouquet is that it should be one-third the size of the bouquet. This will give the bouquet enough room to breathe, and the vase will not overpower the flowers, which are the focal point.

Not all bouquets are created equal, so you need to get a clear picture of how they would look in the vase before buying them. Below are some popular vases you can choose for a bridesmaid’s bouquet.

  • The most common is the 6-inch flower vase. This vase for bouquet is good for a compact bouquet that would be popular at most weddings. Also, if you are on a tight budget, this can be a good deal for you.
  • The other choice is an 8-inch flower vase. This one will work with almost all sizes of bouquets, thus making it also popular. This vase for bouquet will be large enough to hold a bigger bouquet. However, be careful not to use a very large bouquet that overpowers the vase.
  • The 10-inch flower vase is also a good pick as a vase for bouquet. As you can already envision, such a vase size is best suited for large bouquets. Also, if you want a more dramatic effect, this is a good choice.

The sizes mentioned above are mostly examples. Make sure that you choose what works for your bouquet sizes.

Why Consider the Size And Shape of Bridesmaid Bouquet

vase for bouquet flower centerpieces

When seeking a vase for bouquet, it is always vital to consider the size and shape. A good example is that when the bouquet is small and compact, using a large vase that is too big will simply overwhelm it. What if you use a small vase? The small vase will be fully covered to the point it is lost or insignificant.

When you have a small and compact bouquet, we recommend using something smaller with a narrow opening. This would be more appropriate as a vase for bouquet to ensure that it looks the part.

You may also opt for a longer vase; it would visually elongate the size of the bouquet and give you a more elegant look.

In the case of large or voluminous bouquets, a vase for bouquet with a wider opening and a bigger base is recommended. The bigger base is key in supporting the weight and size of the bouquet.

Also, go for a shorter vase for the large bouquets because it will be more stable to balance out the size bouquet size. If you still want a dramatic effect, then consider the taller vases.

As mentioned before, the shape of the bouquet can also influence your choice of a vase. The most common shape can be loose and organic. In this case, you will have a bouquet with a free-form kind of shape. This will generally work well with a flower vase having a similar shape. However, if the bouquet is structured and tightly arranged, then use a flower vase with clean lines or a symmetrical shape.

Color And Material Of The Vase

glass clear vase for bouquet on wedding welcome tables

Besides the shape and size, you should also consider the color and material. The color of the vase for bouquet also has to complement the colors in the flowers and even the wedding color scheme.

Let us say you are going for a classic and timeless look, then a clear vase made of glass should work well. The good thing about such a vase is it works with any wedding theme.

You may still have some pop of color in the wedding decorations. That is why some people choose a colored vase. Such vases should complement the colors properly to help draw more attention to the bouquet while creating the best visual effect.

Of course, the material used to make the vase for bouquet is also important. Glass is the most popular material, and it is because of its versatility. Many people are happy with how it can work with different wedding centerpieces.

You can also buy ceramic vases. These will add texture and design to the wedding decoration. If you want a touch of glamour, luxury, and sophistication, we recommend using metal vases. There can be other materials to consider; just make sure they can create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement when used as a vase for bouquet.

Tips for Displaying Bridesmaid Bouquets

Now that you have found yourself a good vase for bouquet, how best can you display the bridesmaid bouquets? Check out our expert tips below to learn more about using bouquets.

  • Have a special place for the bouquets. It can be at the ceremony venue or the reception. We recommend using a table, vase stand, or even hanging them from the chairs. Just make sure the spot is easily accessible by the bridal party.
  • Coordinating with the wedding theme is also important. This is because the vases can help complete the look. A good example is that you can use wooden vases for rustic and metal vases for modern themes.
  • Keep the bouquets hydrated. You now have vases; just ensure they are filled with water keeping the flowers fresh.
  • You could also add a ribbon or any other decorative accent and tie around the stems to give off an extra touch of elegance. There is no doubt such a vase will stand out.


It is always key that you know how best to utilize the bridesmaid’s bouquets during or even after the wedding. We have shared a couple of tips above on how to display such bouquets and the best vases to accompany them. Using proper vase sizes is crucial to ending up with a clean look at the wedding. Still, with proper research, you can find beautiful vases that match your wedding theme.


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