9 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Tea Light Holder

Get creative and find out how to use your old tea light holder in new ways. Find creative ideas to turn them into stylish pieces of art or useful things.

Tea light holders are a common way to make our homes feel more cozy. After enjoying the nice light of a tea light, we are often left with an empty stand. Instead of throwing these little cases away, why not give them a second chance? This post will look at creative and eco-friendly ways to reuse the old tea light holder. These ideas will bring imagination and usefulness into your everyday life.

9 Ways To Style Your Tea Light Holder

1. Miniature Planters

Make small plants from your old tea light stands to bring some green into your home. Carefully clean the pots and put potting soil and a small succulent or flower in each one. You can put these cute pots on windowsills and desks or string them together to make a unique hanging garden. Remember to put rocks at the bottom of each tea light holder to let water drain out.

2. Jewelry Organizer

crystal tea light candle holder

Make a beautiful jewelry organizer out of tea light stands to show creativity. After painting or decorating the holders to your taste, you can attach them to a wooden board or frame. You can hang chains, bracelets, and earrings from the hooks. You can keep a ring or other small items at the bottom of the tea light stands. This jewelry organizer made from repurposed items keeps your belongings in order and adds a stylish touch to your dressing area.

3. Tea Bag Holder

If you like tea, you can use a pretty and helpful tea light holder to hold your tea bags. Put the used tea bag on the stand so it doesn’t drip and make a mess. The holders are easy to clean and wash, which makes them convenient. It is a nice-looking addition to your tea-drinking routine.

4. Desk Organizer

Make a desk organizer out of a tea light holder to keep your work area neat and clean. Place the holders on a tray or a small shelf to hold pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small office things. To make the holders stand out, paint them in bright colors or patterns that go with the rest of your office’s decor, or make them yourself. This simple tip for getting organized will not only help you clear your desk, but it will also give it an artistic touch.

5. Votive Candle Holders

Make votive candle holders out of your old tea light holder to give them a new use. Just put a small votive candle in each case, light it, and enjoy the hypnotic glow. You can make a beautiful centerpiece for special events or small gatherings by putting several holders on a tray or a pretty dish. The metal or glass surfaces of the holders will reflect the flame beautifully. It can make any room feel warm and elegant.

6. Bathroom Storage

Use old tea light holders as storage in the bathroom to keep things in order and close at hand. You can put things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, and small items in them and hang them on the wall or a board. This smart idea saves space and makes your bathroom look more elegant. Choose holders made of clear or frosted glass for a sleek, modern look, or look for bright colors for a fun touch.

7. Tabletop Decor

Make your old tea light holder into beautiful desk decorations. Fill the pots with colored stones, sand, or dried flowers to make stand-out arrangements. Set them up however, you want on a coffee table, side table, or fireplace. Try out different colors, textures, and heights to make a good show that fits in with the rest of your decor.

8. Lanterns

Make beautiful lanterns from tea light holders to add a quirky touch to your outdoor space. Tea lights or candles that run on batteries can be put in cases and hung from trees, porches, or pergolas. The light will add a nice touch to parties at night or summer nights spent outside. Choose holders with handles or a string so they are easy to hang and move.

9. Creative Paint Containers

creative paint on tea light holders

You can show off your artistic side using tea light holders as creative paint containers. After you clean the cases well, you can use them to store small amounts of paint for your art projects. The holders’ small size and short depth make them great for holding small amounts of paint, reducing waste, and keeping your work area clean. You can also see the colors clearly through the clear cases. It makes them a great choice for mixing your colors.


Instead of putting away your old tea light holder, think of unique ways to decorate them. Turn your tea light stands into interesting and useful decor items that add color and sustainability to your home. If you want to buy a tea light holder, visit this collection. Create a masterpiece for your space with these holders and use them in your decor.


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