Best Location for Wall Hanging Planters

Wall hanging planters make every room beautiful, thanks to their serene and calming effect. Here are the best places to add wall planters.

Wall-hanging planters are a stunning excellent addition to various venues. They look appealing because they add natural beauty and a touch of elegance to any space. Wall-hanging planters add visual appeal to outdoor and indoor spaces and transform empty or boring areas of your venue, home, or office.

Before we list the best locations for wall planters, here are some benefits of placing plants indoors.

4 Benefits of Wall Hanging Planters

Wall Hanging Planters

1. Better Air Quality

Plants purify the air by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Therefore, hanging planters are crucial in improving air quality and freshening the air by reducing pollutants.

2. Space-saving

One of the best benefits of hanging planters is that they allow us to incorporate greenery into our surroundings without taking up space. That means you can add greenery to any limited-space environment.

3. Calming Effect

Plants are popular for having a calming effect on individuals. Hanging planters can create a relaxing, soothing environment that reduces stress and anxiety. Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on our mental health. In addition, having plants around you can help you connect with nature and creates a sense of attachment to the natural world.

4. Privacy

Many plant varieties can help you create privacy and screening. Placing such plants strategically can help you create partitions and block unwanted views.

Let’s find out some of the best locations for placing wall planters.

Best Places for Placing Wall Hanging Planters

Wall Hanging Planters beside photo frame

Here are some ideas on where you can hang them:

1. Wedding Venues

One of the most popular venues for placing wall hanging planters, wedding venues look straight out of a décor magazine with beautiful plant décor. They create a charming and romantic atmosphere for the couple and their guests.

Here are some places to hang wall planters to add beauty and magic to a wedding venue.

– Aisle

Lining the aisle with hanging planters can add a touch of beauty and greenery, providing the perfect setting for the couple.

– Backdrop

Hanging planters on the walls of a wedding venue can create a gorgeous backdrop.

– Entrance

Create an inviting space for your guests by hanging planters near the entrance.

– Reception Area

Decorate the reception area with wall planters to improve the overall ambiance and décor of the venue.

2. Educational Institutions and Schools

Using wall planters to decorate schools or educational institutions is common. Ideally, they are placed in common areas such as libraries, hallways, and cafeterias. Since they create a calming effect, using them to set up a refreshing atmosphere is a great idea.

Here are some places to use them for décor purposes.

– Hallways

Hang beautiful and lush green planters along the hallways to brighten the space and create a positive environment for the staff and students.

– Libraries

Place hanging planters near empty walls or windows in the school to create an inviting space.

– Cafeterias

Putting plants along the walls or near the seating area can help a school cafeteria look more welcoming.

3. Religious Institutions and Churches

Wall hanging planters come in handy for beautifying the interiors of religious spaces such as churches. Hang them along corridors, near entrances, or even altars. They will add natural beauty and a touch of serenity to these spaces.

– Altars or Pulpits

Place wall planters near pulpits or altars to complement the sacred atmosphere.

– Corridors

Another way to use plants to make churches and religious spaces more inviting is to place planters along the corridors.

– Entrances

Place plants near the entrance to welcome visitors and worshippers.

4. Workplaces and Offices

Hanging planters in workplaces and offices can create a productive atmosphere. Popular spots for placing them in workspaces include reception areas and individual offices.

– Common Spaces

Place hanging planters in meeting areas, break rooms, and other communal spaces, promoting a positive environment for the staff.

– Reception Areas

Putting plants in reception areas gives a positive first impression.

– Individual Offices

Add smaller plants to individual offices to bring a unique touch to cabins and rooms.

– Cafes and Restaurants

Wall hanging planters improve the aesthetic appeal of a restaurant or café. Popular places for placing them in eateries and cafes include windows and empty walls. Guests love dining in an ambiance that looks natural and offers a rejuvenating effect.

– Outdoor Seating

Place hanging planters in outdoor seating areas, setting up a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for customers.

5. Recreation Facilities and Community Centers

Wall hanging planters add elegance and a calming effect to the décor of recreation facilities and community centers. In addition, they are excellent for improving the air quality of these closed spaces and relaxing the visitors/guests with their therapeutic benefits.

Here are some places where we can keep plants in community centers, rehabilitation, and recreation facilities.

– Entrance and Lobby

Wall hanging planters look great in these facilities’ entrance areas or lobbies because they offer a calming effect.

– Common Rooms

Place hanging planters in shared rooms, such as waiting or lounge areas.

– Fitness Centers

Improve the environment and atmosphere of fitness rooms and centers by hanging planters near exercise equipment. That will ensure the participants will enjoy a better and healthier workout experience.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to consider the weight and size of the planters when installing wall planters. Whether you are choosing these beautiful accessories for decorating your home, workplace, or wedding venue, don’t hesitate to contact us for more refreshing ideas.


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