How Do Candles Work in Floating Glass Candle Holders

Floating glass candle holders can enhance the beauty of your floating candles. Read further to learn how they work.

Floating glass candle holders are a popular decorative item that can add a touch of elegance to any room or event. They differ from regular candle holders and can only be used for floating candles. If you’re wondering how candles work in floating glass candle holders, here’s what you need to know.

What are Floating Candles?

First, it’s important to discuss what is floating candle. Floating candles are typically made from wax that is less dense than water, allowing them to float on top of the water. This effect is created by the air pockets trapped within the candle wax during manufacturing. These candles are best for creating a beautiful ambiance at candlelight dinners. You can use it to make your house aesthetically pleasing during friends and family gatherings or occasions like Christmas.

floating glass candle holders for table centerpieces

How Floating Glass Candle Holder Works?

As the name suggests, floating candle holders are designed to hold candles that float on water, creating a beautiful and unique effect. They are available in different materials, but the most preferred holders are glass-made.

Based on the glass candle holder you choose, you need to fill the holder with water and place the floating candle in it. Due to the strategic design, the candle will float on the water’s surface, creating a beautiful and serene effect. Some holders also come with decorative elements, such as stars, flowers, or stones, which boost the beauty of holders.

Note that not all candles can be floated in the floating candle holders. You need to purchase candles that are designed to float. These candles are typically smaller and may have a flattened or concave bottom to help them float more easily.

Tips to Use Floating Glass Candler Holder

If you bring floating candles, it’s important to exercise caution and follow basic fire safety guidelines. Don’t leave a burning candle unattended; place your candles away from any material that can be burned, like fabric and wood. Additionally, be sure to place the candle on a smooth surface and keep it away from children and pets that can push it down.

Also, look for quality floating glass candle holders that can’t break due to heat. The bottom of your candle holder should be stable enough to prevent the candle from falling. Keep in mind that choosing the right candle holder is crucial to ensure you don’t experience any fire incidents.

Bottom Line

Whether you use floating candles at a wedding, party, date night, or simply decorate your home, you need floating glass candle holders. Without candle holders, your candles will not, of course, float. The best part about the floating glass candle holder is that they are a versatile and elegant choice. So, don’t wait and grab some excellent quality candle holders for your house.


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