Do You Need a Candle Holder for Pillar Candles

Wondering whether to opt for a holder for pillar candles? Read further to learn the benefits of having pillar candle holders.

Planning to decorate your house with pillar candles? Or do you want to light up your house at Christmas with pillar candles? In any case, you need to bring the right candle holders along with the pillar candles. While pillar candles can be used without the holders, they can use serious problems for you. Therefore, investing in well-designed, fine-quality, durable pillar candle holders is best. Read further to learn more about candle holders.

Is a Pillar Candle Holder Necessary?

Yes, a pillar candle holder is crucial- whether you use candles for decorative purposes or special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. The holder provides a safe and secure candle base to avoid any accidents.

A candle without a sturdy base is like waiting for your house or office to get on fire. The slightest push can make your candle fall on the ground, curtains, tablecloths, or any surface on which you have kept your candle.

Besides causing any dangerous incident, the wax of your pillar candles will melt and accumulate on the surface where you have kept your candles. Not only do you have to waste a great amount of time cleaning it later, but it will also impact the area’s aesthetics. Pillar candle holder acts as beautiful decor and improves the ambiance of your space. So, you need a pillar candle holder if you plan to incorporate pillar candles in your room.

Why Use Pillar Candle Holders?

pillar candle holders tray

Pillar candle holders are a great option for anyone planning to use these candles. Not using candle holders can lead to several risks. It can because fire accidents, wax burns, create a mess, and accumulate wax. Here are some reasons to invest in the holder.

Base Support

Candle holders help candles to stand upright and provide exclusive visual appeal. Placing your candle in a well-design candle holder supports them to keep them in place. They prevent your candles from falling due to little force or pressure.

Secure and Safe Base

The need for a holder was discovered decades ago when candles fell and caused a fire. Candle holders’ primary function is to give sage and secure base to prevent any accidents. Tall pillar candle holders give a stable base and extra safety and precaution. Since your holder will be stable, you don’t need to worry about clumsy guests or kids accidentally wreaking havoc on your dining area.

Prevents Hot Wax Spills

With a pillar candle holder, you can prevent hot wax from falling on the ground or spilling everywhere, causing an unpleasant mess when your guests are around. Hot wax can result in skin burns and spoil furniture. Pillar candle holders can accumulate dripping wax from the burning candle. This way, there will be no mess anywhere, making clean up much simpler and easier after family and friends gathering.

Add a Splash of Color

Candle holders are available in different colors, materials, and styles. Whatever design or style you choose, it will surely add a pop to your décor and candles. The contrasting color of the holder will accentuate the beauty of your expensive candles, giving them a posh look.

A beautiful holder will not only showcase your appealing candles but also complement the color scheme of your home decor or event. With fascinating and stunning candle support, your candle centerpiece will entice your guests and become the talk of the event.

Pick Your Best Pillar Candle Holders

candle holders vintage

There are several types of pillar candle holders available in the market. Here is some most trendy option you can opt for.

Votive Holder

These are modern-looking and attractive holders, usually made of ceramic disks or small glass with a candlestick attached. The disk is fixed on the candle holder, and the bottom of the disk is wide. They are perfect for pillar candles used as an accent piece.

Antiqued Holder

These are made of metal and have antique-style brush strokes, giving you a vintage look. Our vintage metal holders for pillar candles have a wide base and a long candlestick or stem. It has a round shape and glass walls to cover the candle. Since your candles will be fully protected in the candle holder, there will be no chance of any horrifying incident.

Gemstone Candle Holder

They are made up of metal and available in a variety of designs. You can find these holders made from gems like precious stones or crystals. They also have various sizes, colors, and shapes.

Contemporary Candle Holders

They are common and have a traditional look that people prefer. Contemporary holders come in both metal and wood with some variations of brass or iron. They can perfectly adjust your pillar candles and offers space to collect wax.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, pillar candle holders are critical for individuals planning to use pillar candles in their spaces. With a candle holder, you can prevent several unwanted disasters. It provides a way to protect yourself and your family. The best part is that candle holders don’t cost you much, and once you invest in them, they can go a long way and accentuate the beauty of the space. So, before you light up your candles, bring some holders.


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