What Do You Put on a Small Cake Stand

Using a small cake stand can be fun if you have all the right tips in mind. We share tips on how best to decorate it for different applications.

Cake stands are essential in many different applications, especially when conducting a wedding ceremony. You can also use the cake stands during anniversaries or other special events. As expected, the cake stand will be essential for holding a cake. However, the small cake stands can be versatile. It is possible to use them for other things too at the party. So, what can you put on a small cake stand? Below are some ideas.

Mini Cakes

The cake stands can also be a good choice for displaying mini cakes. Because of the size of the cake stand, it is possible to use it with small cakes rather than large ones. The good thing about mini cakes is that they allow you to decorate in different ways on the stand. It comes down to your creativity to make the cakes appealing to the guests.


Placing cupcakes on a small cake stand is also a great way of displaying them to the guests. You can also use the cake stand to add height to a dessert table and make the cupcakes stand out. The guests will easily now approach the table and pick what they like. We recommend mixing and matching the cupcakes based on their frosting colors and flavors. At least there should be something for everyone.


If you enjoy French pastries, then macarons can be good for you. They will be perfect for placing on the small cake stand because of their size and shape. You can arrange them in a circular pattern to create a beautiful display. Having a tiered stand is even better for creating stunning displays. Macarons generally come in many colors and flavors, so creating an arrangement of beautiful colors and tastes should be possible.

Cake Pops

cake pops

A small cake stand can also be ideal for cake pops. These are small bite-sized cakes on a stick. The result is that you will like how they make the room look with their colors. The cake pops are also easier to make and will be good for displaying on even the smaller cake stands without feeling they would fall over.

Sometimes you can decorate them with frosting and sprinkles to match the party’s theme. You can consider working with a tiered stand if you want a whimsical display.


Who does not like cookies? Being a crowd pleaser, then it would be perfect for placing on top of a small cake stand among other wedding centerpiece stands on the table. We recommend trying different types of cookies in terms of flavors and shapes to be on the cake stand. A cookie tower can be great to achieve for those who might have a nice tiered cake stand.


Well, you can also place non-food items on top of the small cake stands, which will look like part of the design. The cake stand looks good when you opt to use a single candle or multiple candles. We advise using different heights and sizes if you decide to use multiple candles. You can end up with a stunning display of candles on the cake stand.

Candles have a way of coming up with a beautiful centerpiece on the table, so we are not shocked if you end up loving the look of the cake stand.


flowers on small cake stand

Flowers are important whether it is a wedding or a Mother’s Day event. They will also help make the space look beautiful and smell good if you use fresh flowers.

The option is to choose a single stem or a small bouquet to place on the small cake stand. The flowers will add more dimension to the table and still create a beautiful centerpiece that the guests will enjoy looking at.

Display Jewelry

This is another great use of cake stands at an event. When you have some pieces of jewelry that you want to showcase to people, consider using this type of cake stand. Place the jewelry correctly on the cake stand, and you should have an easy time showcasing how well they look to the public.

Art Objects

A small cake stand is quite versatile to the point you would not have a problem putting art objects on it for display. Consider displaying art such as small sculptures, figurines, and vases in such a case. You should end up with a unique and beautiful display showcasing your taste and style when it comes to art.

We can also see it working well for other decorative items such as pebbles, seashells, and more objects that fit and still hold some sentimental value.

Wedding Favors

The wedding favors can be good for your improving how well the wedding space looks and still be a great thing for the guests. Common examples of wedding favors are small gift boxes, bags of treats, and jars. Do not hesitate to be creative with such options so that people can enjoy the display and still pick a few things from it also.

Place Cards

small cake stand can be placed with cards

A small cake stand can also be the best way to display the place cards at an event. The cake stands are known to add more value to the space while also helping the guests find their seats. So, go ahead to place small place cards, name tags, or other personalized items that make the table look beautiful.

Bridal Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is usually the center of attention at a wedding. You can imagine how well it will look when you end up with a beautiful bridal bouquet placed on a small cake stand as a showpiece. Many people attending the wedding can now admit it up close. It is a great feeling for the bride when people enjoy looking at a bouquet.


Getting someone to love using a small cake stand at different events should not be hard. Thanks to its versatility, such a cake stand will always find favor among people who would like to use it. Also, the cake stand can be a decoration in your home. So, once the ceremony is over, take the cake stand with you at home and add more decorations.


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