How To Make Bridal Bouquet Fake Flowers

Flowers are the most significant part of weddings and bring life to their decoration. Fake bouquet flowers can be a gorgeous DIY way than traditional flowers. Not only do they give a gorgeous look to the wedding, but these bridal bouquet fake flowers are also a budget option. Artificial round flowers are the most common ones you often see at weddings. They are easy to craft and require less effort in terms of handling and care.

So, if you wonder how can you make these bridal bouquets fake flowers, don’t worry, we have got it covered for you in the below easy steps.

Pick a Color and Theme for Flowers

handmade bridal bouquet

Before you go out to purchase the bridal bouquet fake flowers, it is better first to plan things out. Take your time to decide what colors and themes you should use according to the wedding. It would help if you first determined whether they should be pastels or bright flowers.

You can even use a wheel color for color comparison. It will help you to know which shades will work best with each other to give a better colorful view. The theme of the wedding and colors should match. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole decoration view.

Purchasing the Bridal Bouquet Fake Flowers

After deciding on the flowers’ colors and theme, it is time to purchase them. You can start the purchase process from your nearest and most lovable store. Moreover, you can pick some additional flowers that can go alongside your main top picks. Try to choose those with a different size and texture to get a better comparison look.

While at it, consider choosing a couple of main flowers that can act as focal points. Besides that, buy and add some side flowers such as olive branches, greenery, and baby’s breath. The main wedding flowers mostly include silk roses, hydrangeas, Calla lilies, and more, etc. Especially if this is for your wedding, you will have many more flower options. You can look at a few options online besides visiting stores in person.

Other Supplies Required to Put Them Together

use ribbon to diy bridal bouquets

After acquiring the desired main and side flowers, it is time to put them together. To do that, you would need some additional supplies. These supplies include scissors, tape, floral wire, wire cutter, or any other accessory as required. Other than these basic supplies, a hot-glue gun can be useful to add beautification to the bouquet’s outer part.

We recommend using a Vase or a glass pot if you want additional ideas to make it look more attractive. First, ensure their sizes are ideal according to the bridal bouquet fake flowers you insert. This way, they would look more presentable without falling off the containers they are put into. Other supplies like laces, ribbons, or gemstones can add a gorgeous look.

Try Building Them Like a Professional

Even if you are new at it or doing it for the first time, try to give a good presentable impression in your work. It would make you feel more confident and leave an overall positive impact. Besides, learning to craft a bridal bouquet fake flowers isn’t that hard, and anyone can do it with a little determination.

Pick some blooms from the base and remove their leaves from each stem using a wire cutter. Just keep only those leaves that are close to the stem or are difficult to cut down. After putting together a flower bouquet, trim the stem to an even length. You may even trim the length later. So, make sure to cut them accordingly.

Fill in More Flowers if Required

Adding more bridal bouquet fake flowers to cover the blooms can also make the bouquet look more beautiful. Keep turning it while adding more bloom layers so you can build another layer from its center point each time. Moreover, keep rotating it alongside to maintain the bouquet’s balance. Finally, keep wrapping it with the help of floral tape while adding more stability and support to the bouquet.

You can add decorative touches like grasses; fern leaves sprigs, baby’s breath, or fake berries. This addition can help in giving a more beautiful look to your bouquet’s color and shape profile if you want. Remember to keep a check and balance on any additional you add. Make sure they should match the basic theme or profile of the wedding to avoid ruining the whole decorations.

Floral Tape Wrapping

custom bridal bouquet fake flowers

Once you keep adding a bloom layer, keep wrapping the stems using floral tape after adding each layer. However, you can always unwrap them to make necessary changes if required. But the wrapping of the video is crucial. It would help to keep the whole bridal bouquet fake flowers together in its place without falling apart.

After sticking the flower together as desired, and have even cut them down to their sizes. It is now time to wrap the tape across its stems firmly. This will help secure the flower bouquet and prevent it from falling apart, so don’t miss it. Next, if still required, you can trim uneven ends or bottom lengths with the help of the wire cutter to give the bouquet’s bottom an even look.

It’s Time to Decorate Them

diy bridal bouquet fake flowers

The last step is decorating the bouquet to make it look more attractive. To do that, you can add a ribbon bow and any other materials as desired. Remember the additional supplies of lace and beads we asked to keep in handy for further decorations. You can now use them with a string of fake pearls to wrap them around with hot glue. This will be your beautiful final touch to the bouquet.

Using the bridal bouquet fake flowers instead of fresh flowers has advantages. They are more cost-effective and last longer than the fresh ones as they don’t wither too soon. You can prepare them quickly; most importantly, all-season flowers are easily available.

If you require further help, check the video for an easy step-by-step guide.



Bridal bouquet fake flowers are quite common nowadays at weddings. People prefer them as they are readily available, easily suit their taste and save time.

To make weddings look more beautiful with these bouquets, you need hands-on experience crafting them. But don’t worry if you follow the above steps correctly. You may soon be able to craft these bouquets to save money and time. It would even help to make the wedding look remarkable when you prepare your bridal bouquets.


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