How Do You Clean Dirty Fake White Flowers

Are you looking to decorate your home with fake white flowers? Or do you own them, but they are dirty and unusable? White fake flowers look beautiful for decoration purposes, especially for weddings. However, their main disadvantage is they get dirty too soon. Above that, compared to any other color, white makes the dirt and stains more visible. However, as quickly as they get dirty, the same way they get cleaned without any serious effort.

Continue reading the below to learn a few tips and tricks to clean your dirty fake white flowers.

Start With a Feather Duster

use feather duster to clean

This option is the most basic thing that comes into everyone’s mind before cleaning anything. Using a feather duster can help clean the fake white flowers. Sometimes, the flowers only have a thick layer of dirt. This is normally for those white flowers placed close to a window or in an open place left unattended. Therefore, such white fake flowers usually have a heavy layer of dust that only needs a feather duster with a thorough cleaning.

Besides that, you can use a feather duster and spray water with a spray bottle. After that, wash and dry it with a plain white cloth. This simple process can make your white flower look new again. However, this process would only work for flowers with dust on them. Those with sticky stains would need more intensive washing care.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Fake White Flowers

vacuum cleaner to clean fake flowers

Cleaning fake white flowers can’t be any easier with a vacuum cleaner. Who would have thought about cleaning these flowers with a small vacuum cleaner? You can use a small or mini vacuum cleaner to clean them. Take a mini vacuum cleaner and pair it with a small brush to start rubbing it over the flowers.

However, make sure to take the necessary precautionary steps for yourself and for the flowers not to damage them. Make sure to carry out this activity somewhere safe while putting on a face mask. This way, the dust or other harmful things won’t enter your home, and you may also not inhale them directly.

Using a Hair Dryer to Clean Silk Fake Flowers

ues hair dryer to clean silk artificial flowers

Silk flowers are a little sensitive to cleaning compared to other latex artificial flowers. A damp cloth, harsh chemicals, or even using water can jeopardize their condition, making them useless. Therefore, using compressed air or a hairdryer is easy to clean them without damaging them. Both these ways are, however, a little messier. But they won’t damage the fake white flowers and is best suitable for faux artificial flowers.

So, once ready, take the flowers outside to an open place. Use the compressed air or the hair dryer on its cool setting and start blowing the air onto the flowers till they are cleaned. Again, wear a mask to avoid inhaling the dust or chemicals from the flowers.

If your fake flowers are vinyl or plastic, you can always wash them easily with a detergent. There isn’t any special detergent required to clean these flowers. You can alternatively use any ordinary yet good-quality laundry detergent.

Gather the below supplies:

  • Gentle good-quality detergent
  • Clips and clothesline
  • Warm or hot water
  • Washcloth of microfiber

Now that you have the supplies start mixing a spoonful of detergent in water and stir it well. Next, put the plant into the water and allow them for a minute of water dips. After a few minutes of soaking, swirl them for a little while in the water. Remove the flowers and gently rub the white cloth over them to avoid damage. Lastly, use the clothesline to hang them for drying using clips.

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Using Lemon Juice and Vinegar to Clean Flowers

use vinegar to clean dirty fake flowers

You probably didn’t know that these fake white flowers are washable using lemon juice and vinegar. This cleaning process is easy and does not require special tools or supplies. However, if you intend to use this procedure to wash fake cloth flowers, we recommend trying it first on a small piece of cloth. This will help to determine if the colors will fade or not.

Gather the below supplies:

  • A cup of vinegar
  • A couple of water cups
  • Lemon juice two spoons only
  • A spray bottle
  • Two pieces of microfiber clothes

Now, mix all the gathered quantity of lemon juice, vinegar, and water in the spray bottle. Next, start spraying the newly formed mixture over the flowers or plants. Once all flowers are fully well wet with the mixture, start using the microfiber clothes pieces to wipe them off. Use the other cloth to remove any left stains or liquid on the flower leaves if necessary.

Other Ways to Wash Flowers

clean fake white flowers

If you are certain that the color of the flowers won’t fade. You can use a little dishwashing liquid or white vinegar to clean them. Take the dishwashing liquid or white vinegar and put it on a small toothbrush. Add a few drops of water to the toothbrush and rub them onto the flowers. This will help to remove the stains effectively.

If you have delicate artificial flowers but aren’t sure whether natural washing ingredients and warm water can get damaged. We also recommend buying a flower cleaner instead to avoid all the confusion. However, again make sure to search well about the cleaning process and read its reviews before buying one. Lastly, if you want to use vinegar to wash the fake flowers, make sure to use distilled white vinegar, as it won’t leave any of its smell behind.

Using Salt to Clean the Flowers

use salt to clean fake flowers

It is easy for white silk flowers to get stains over time. So, before you rush out to purchase flower cleaner, restore them to their original condition. Use a hair dryer or air compressor on the flowers first without them being too hot. Next, add a couple of salt cups in a zipper bag and put the silk flowers. Zip the bag tightly and shake it well for around 30 seconds. Finally, shake off the salt if still stocked to the flowers.

Next, spray the white and silk flower vinegar onto the flowers and let them rest for 15 minutes. Now fill your water sink with lukewarm water and add a couple of dishwashing liquids. Keep swirling the flowers in that solution until the stains vanish. Now rinse the flowers with cool water and leave them to dry for a while. This should help in cleaning your fake white silk flowers.


No doubt fake white flowers can add more beauty to your home or any event where used. So, keeping them clean is compulsory; otherwise, the stain on the white color becomes more evident. Especially if you have white silk flowers, they need extra care.

Trying out different chemicals or other remedies may damage them, especially without prior knowledge. Therefore, we recommend starting with the above-mentioned basic ideas to clean your flowers. We hope they will help in cleaning your fake flowers safely and easily.


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