How Do You Incorporate Candle Holders Into a Wedding

Using the candle holders for wedding centerpieces correctly can leave you enjoying the venue’s look. This guide has ideas for you to consider.

Candle holders are nothing new to a wedding. However, they should always be used correctly if you want the best look for such an important ceremony. We always recommend thinking out of the box when working with candle holders. Below we share tips and scenarios on incorporating candle holders for wedding centerpieces.

Create Backdrops

Backdrops are great, especially for those who want to take memorable photos at a wedding event. For our scenario, you can have a nice metal screen backdrop incorporated with greenery and candles. Use votive candles to give a warm ambiance to the whole space. The backdrop with candle holders for the wedding centerpiece can also be good for the cake presented during the ceremony.

Mix Different Candle Holders

Rather than sticking to one type of candle holder, try to make things interesting by mixing and matching different options. The result is having eclectic and well-pieced-together wedding candles. The choice in terms of color for the candle holders largely depends on the wedding theme. Make sure to choose something that would not be out of place.

Floating Wedding Centerpiece

floating candle holders for wedding centerpieces

Getting floating candle holders for wedding centerpieces can be quite magical. The floating centerpieces look quite good and will always elevate the look of your wedding venue. We recommend choosing candle holders that would look great while in the hanging position. We advise you to go for the lanterns, which always look great.

Tall Candle Holders

Among the many candle holders for wedding centerpieces are tall candle holders. They are quite good at ensuring that the centerpiece stands out the moment you get into a wedding venue. You can expect that such candle holders would work well with taper or pillar candles. Of course, you should have many options to consider with such candle holders.

Work With Glass Orbs

Glass orbs are some of the best ways to use candle holders for wedding centerpieces. When you opt for glass orbs, you should consider getting votives or tealight candles. They will help spruce up the wedding venue. Also, such an option is a great touch for those who might to hang candle holders and do not need to use lanterns.

Table Runner

Rather than using tall candle holders for weddings, you can consider using shorter candle holders as table runners. When you opt for this route, consider using a bit of greenery is also recommended to complete the look with the candles. The guests would generally feel invited to enjoy the wedding space.

Decorate The Sweetheart Table

candle holders for wedding centerpieces

A sweetheart table is a huge way of honoring the newlyweds and ensuring they have a nice place to have their first meal together. It would be nice to also include candle holders for wedding centerpieces to ensure it is a beautiful centerpiece. You should consider keeping the decorations minimalist since the sweetheart table is often small.

Combine With Flower Petals

Flowers are awesome as decoration. This means that you can always combine the use of flowers with candles too. There is the option of sacrificing some flowers to get the petals and spreading them on the floor with the candles. One thing about the flowers is that they are so flexible; thus, working with them should be easy.

Colorful Candles

Crystal candle holders with colorful candles are good candle holders for wedding centerpieces. We like how easy it is to get multiple candle colors and spruce the whole wedding venue. Look at the tabletop design and choose what would work great for your case. We recommend using high-quality candles that would offer long burn life for the wedding duration.

Gold candelabras

Vintage weddings or even modern weddings could also use gold candelabras. These candle holders for wedding centerpieces are a good design to place on top of the tables and pair with nice pillar candles. Depending on the size of the candle holder, you could also use them with other types of candle holders.

Minimalistic Candle Holders For Weddings

Instead of going big simply because it is a wedding, we recommend you also consider getting a minimalistic look at the ceremony. You simply have to pick candle holders that do not have a shouting look but are still elegant enough. Use wooden candle holders; we can be unique while also looking good in a wedding setup.

Light The Way

You should also consider lighting the pathway leading to the altar to ensure that your guests love the entryway. Line up with a wide range of candle types to ensure you get a nice layout for the wedding. You should also consider using some nicely scented candles that would make it easier for the guests to enjoy the ambiance of the venue.

Come Up With A Candle Wall

candle holders wall decor for weddings

A candle wall is also a nice statement for any wedding. Candle holders for wedding centerpieces can be arranged in different designs. This is to help you customize the candle wall even better. Most of the time, it is possible to create a dramatic brick or even stone background and then add more candles to it for a gorgeous look.

Decorate The Mantel

In case the wedding venue has a fireplace, then you might as well decorate the mantel. We recommend using candle holders for wedding centerpieces to make a big statement. Using candles of different heights will create a soft and warm look around the fireplace. Sometimes you can use the LED candles if it is rented and you do not want the mantel to be messed up.


The candle holders for wedding centerpieces can always look good if you know how to use them for decorating a space. The first thing is to ensure that you use the vision in mind and now make it come to life with the right candle holders. A good candle holder should not be hard to get. Go to a simple decorating store, and you should get the best options to use for wedding decoration.

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