How to Incorporate Modern Candlestick Holders In Your Table Setting

The best modern candlestick holder can enhance how a table setting looks like. We help you see how best to use such a type of candleholder.

Candlesticks have been around for so long that sometimes we forget how to make them modern. You do not always have to settle for the old designs when you can actually have a modern candlestick holder. Now that you have improved and better designs for a candlestick holder, how do you use such in your table setting?

This guide explains what you should know about a modern candlestick holder and how best to utilize such decorations on a table setting.

Choosing The Right Candlestick Holder For Your Table Setting

black modern candlestick holder for table

Candlelight dinners can be fun when the table is set up right. That is why you need to know how best to choose a modern candlestick holder for a table setting. Here are ideas to get you started.

  • What is the occasion: When you have a formal occasion, you should get more elegant and ornate candlestick holder designs. As for casual gatherings, the simpler and more relaxed designs should do well.
  • Match the overall style: The modern candlestick holder should generally match the existing style on the table. An example is using a contemporary design for a modern table and a rustic design for a traditional or rustic table setting.
  • Consider the candlestick holder size: The size should always be proportional to the table size and other decor elements on it. As such, a small table works well with a smaller candlestick holder. The same works for a larger table.
  • The candlestick color: Of course, the color of the modern candlestick holder needs to complete the other colors on a table. You could pick neutral colors like white, silver, and gold to match any color scheme.
  • The candlestick material: The candlesticks are available in various materials, including wood, ceramic, metal, and glass. The table material should be paired correctly with the material of the candlestick. An example is using a wooden candleholder for a wooden table. It just looks natural.

Pairing Candlestick Holders With Other Decor Elements

metal modern candlestick holders

On the table, you are likely to have other decor elements too. So, you must know how to pair a modern candlestick holder with these other elements. Below are tips for doing it correctly.

The Height Of Other Elements

So, you may have to look at the height of the other elements when pairing them with candlestick holders. If the candlestick holder is tall, pair it with shorter decor elements. It can be small flower arrangements. This makes the candlestick holder stand out while also giving a chance to the other elements.

Mix And Match The Elements

You should not be afraid to mix and match the different materials and styles. An example is using a glass candleholder with a wooden centerpiece. Or, you can use a metal candlestick with a nice contemporary floral arrangement.

Coordinate The Colors

Color coordination is very important to maintain a nice table setting with a modern candlestick holder. We can use the example of having blue candlesticks paired with blue table runners or napkins of the same color. You will get a polished and cohesive look with color coordination.

What Is The Decoration Theme?

You should never overlook the theme, as it would set a lot of things into motion. Let us say you are hosting a beach-themed wedding; the table setting also needs to reflect that. This means you should look for candlestick holders that can match the theme. We are expecting you may have seashells and starfish ornaments on the table. Match them correctly.

Add Texture

You can add more texture while decorating with a modern candlestick holder on your table setting. The texture will make the table more presentable and create interest from the people using it. The best example is using a textured linen tablecloth with a smooth candlestick holder or vice versa.

Tips For Arranging Modern Candlestick Holder On Your Table

modern candlestick holder for living room table

A modern candlestick holder has a way of adding sleekness and sophistication to a table setting. However, a proper arrangement is necessary for a good look. Here are some tips for arranging such a centerpiece.

Use Odd Numbers

The rule of thumb for grouping candlestick holders is to always use odd numbers. So, group them as 3, 5, 7, and more. We recommend odd numbers because they make things visually interesting and offer more dynamic arrangements.

Vary The Height

Candlestick holders are available at different heights, so playing around with the height is possible. For an interesting arrangement, you should mix tall and short candle holders. Our favorite is having the tall one at the center and the short ones surrounding it.

Consider Complementary Shapes

If you have more than one modern candlestick holder, you can work with shapes that complement each other for a cohesive arrangement. We can take pairing a round candleholder with a rectangular one. The other option is to pair a modern cylindrical candle holder with a triangular one.

Arrange Based On Color

The other option is to also group based on color. This is for those with multiple candlestick holders, each having different colors. As always, pair the candlestick holders with colors that complement each other. You can even create a gradient effect when the colors transition from light to dark.

Work With Symmetry

The good thing about modern candle holders is that they can have different shapes and angles that make them unique. Take advantage of that when arranging them on the table, so you always have a perfect look. Experiment with different angles to find out which side looks the best.

Use The Negative Space

The negative space on your table setting can also be used to make a beautiful setup, so do not be afraid to use it. Many people find having a clean and modern look possible even with negative space.


A modern candlestick holder can be nice for achieving visually interesting looks on a table setting. We have discussed how best you can achieve this above in this guide. Take your time to find beautiful and versatile candlestick holders. You would end up with a great look on overall and use them for multiple events.


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