Quantity of Candlestick Stand for a Wedding Table

When attending a wedding, you may notice it having candles as part of the decoration. It is quite a common way of decorating your wedding, but just how many candlesticks stands to use for a wedding table?

Choosing the right number of candlestick stands for a wedding table largely varies on the size of the table. This means that the number can range from 2 candlestick stands to even 20. The aim is to decorate the wedding table without the candlestick stand set making the table look overcrowded.

We will look at various scenarios where you decorate using a candlestick stand set and see which number of stands would be ideal and why.

2 Candlesticks Stands

It might seem like an understatement when you decorate with a candlestick stand pair. Two might not seem much, but they can also make the decoration elegant. You are advised to combine such a look with foliage to make the table feel warmer.

3 Candlestick Stand

There is still the option of using a 3-candle holder set. You can consider an iron taper candle holder because people love its rustic look. Three is a magical number, especially when working with round tables. Three candles of differing heights make it possible to create a focal point and depth on your table.

You are better off using a thin candlestick stand set for such a setup. This makes it easier for people to see each other across the table.

4 Candlestick Stand

It is a wedding, so as expected, you might have a lot more decorations you would want to add to the table. In this case, you can use the iron taper candlestick stand set. 4 candles are known to make a great addition to a detail-heavy centerpiece. It could be what you need to finish off the look.

5 Candlestick Stand

The number 5 might seem like an odd number, but a sense of style comes with using such odd numbers. We love seeing such a setup as it makes the stylish decoration while simultaneously making it feel laid back. It is better to get a candlestick stand set of varying heights. This allows for arranging them in a staggered pattern.

More Than 6 Candlestick Stand

As mentioned before, the number of candle holder sets you use mostly varies based on the size of the table and the kind of decoration you are going for. That is why you can have 6 up to 20 candlestick stands set on a wedding table.

When the candle holder sets involve many more candlestick stands, we recommend you spread them out more. This is to avoid crowding in one place.

Also, you can use candlestick stands of varying heights, materials, colors, and so much more. This is to create a beautiful look for the wedding venue.

candlestick stand table centerpiece

How To Use Candles For A Wedding Decoration

Using the candles correctly definitely leaves you with great wedding decorations. We have seen people using an iron taper candle holder, but many more options are available. We discuss more ways below on how best to use the candlestick stands for a wedding decoration.

You May Need A Lot More Candles

Getting one iron taper candle holder might not be so smart. This is because you will quickly notice that you need many candle holder sets. A good example is having even 20 candles set up on one table that would be holding ten people. The idea is to bring a warm glow into the room and make it look good too.

Even when you are using electronic LED candles, be sure to get enough candles to ensure they can light up the whole place better. The rule of thumb is that more is better for a wedding decoration.

Candle Holders Should Be Sturdy

The candle holder set needs to be sturdy. This is whether it is for an indoor or outdoor wedding setup. The idea is to keep them from easily tipping over.

You may have found that some weddings can have candle holders that barely remain upright. If the candlestick stands keep falling over, they can burn the guests with hot wax or even start a fire because they make the linen catch fire.

Keep The Candles Away From Cakes

You might have a beautiful iron taper candle holder but keep it away from cakes and flowers. The candles on the holder can easily burn or soot the wedding cake and flowers. No guests will be happy about eating a cake with soot.

You have to give the candles a bit of spacing from the cakes and flowers, and you should be good. Or you can also use mini LED candles, which glow nicely, just like the usual ones.

Keep An Eye On The Flame Candles For Rented Linens

Other than the rented iron taper candle holder, you could also have other rented linens for the wedding decoration. You are now advised to be on the lookout, especially for open-flame candles on the candle holder sets. The open flame can easily be disastrous if you are not careful. The same goes for the wax too. When wax residue is not caught before it hits the linen, it will be hard to remove.

Have A Photographer With Candlelight Wedding Experience

When you have your iron taper candle holder in place with other wedding decorations, you now need someone with experience shooting candlelight wedding spaces. The photographer needs to know when you have the camera flash on or off and combine that with the candlelight.

Ask the photographer for a portfolio to understand their experience working with candles and how good the pictures are.


We can see that there is a lot more that goes into setting up a wedding. The best part is that you can do it with any number of candle holder sets. It comes down to the size of the table. For a bigger table, add more to your candlestick stand set, and you should have a great wedding decoration.

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