What Can I Spray on Fake Flowers to Preserve Them

Preserve the beauty of fake flowers with these tips! Learn how to use spray and follow expert advice. Keep your fake flowers looking fresh for years.

Using fake flowers is a great way to add color and beauty to your home. You no need to worry about how difficult it is to take care of real flowers. But even fake flowers can lose their color and shine over time. There are many actions you can take to make sure your fake flowers last as long as possible.

One of the best ways to preserve fake flowers is to spray them with a sealant. Sealants help to protect the flowers from dirt, dust, and fading. There are plenty of sealants available, so select one that is specifically designed for fake flowers.

If your silk flowers are starting to look a little dull for wear, you can give them a quick makeover with a little bit of care and attention. Here are a few tips:

  • Dust the flowers with a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust.
  • Wipe the petals with a damp cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges.
  • If the flowers are looking a little faded, you can give a touch of a light coat of clear sealant.
  • With a little bit of care, your fake flowers can last for years to come.

Sprays to Preserve Artificial Flowers

spray fake flowers centerpieces

Use a UV-Resistant Spray

Fake flowers that get a significant amount of direct sunlight exposure need protection from a product with an extra UV coating. UV protection spray is designed to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause fake flowers to fade and lose their color. The sprays dry in minutes, leaving a matte finish and providing permanent, non-yellowing UV protection for your plants.

To use a UV protection spray, simply follow these steps:

  • Clean the fake flowers thoroughly with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Allow the flowers to dry completely.
  • Spray the flowers with UV protection spray, making sure to coat all the petals and leaves.
  • Allow the spray to dry completely.

Use Clear Acrylic Spray

Another option to preserve your silk flowers is to use a clear acrylic sealer. This spray forms a transparent coating on the flowers. And creating a protective layer that helps prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the petals. Additionally, it adds a glossy finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the arrangement. Before applying the clear acrylic sealer, make sure to clean the flowers thoroughly to remove any existing dust or debris.

Once the flowers are clean and dry, spray an even coat of the sealer over the entire arrangement. Remember that holding the can is about 12 inches away while spraying. Allows it to dry completely before handling or displaying the flowers.

Use Anti-Static Spray

Fake flowers are prone to attracting and holding onto static electricity, which can lead to an accumulation of dust and tint. Another option to preserve your fake flowers is to use a clear acrylic sealer. This spray creates a protective layer of transparent coating on the flower petals. It prevents dust and dirt from adhering to the petals. Additionally, it adds a glossy finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the arrangement.

Use a Clear Sealant

A clear sealant can also help to protect your artificial flowers from fading and damage. This type of sealant will create a barrier between the flowers and the elements, helping to keep them looking new for longer. You can find clear sealants at most home improvement stores or online. Clear sealants can be reapplied every few months or as needed.

When choosing a sealant to preserve your fake flowers, be sure to choose one that is specifically designed for this purpose. Also, be sure to follow the given instructions on the sealant carefully before using it.

With a little care and attention, your fake flowers can last for many years with the help of a clear sealant.

Here Are Some Additional Tips for Preserving Your Fake Flowers

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It’s important to note that these sprays can help preserve and enhance the appearance of your fake flowers. But, they won’t make them last forever. In addition to using sprays, there are a number of other useful tips you can consider to extend the lifespan of your fake flowers.

  • Avoid getting them wet. If they get wet, dry them off immediately.
  • Don’t put them in direct heat or cold.
  • Be careful not to break or bend them.
  • If they start to look old or faded, give them a new coat of sealant.


Fake flowers offer a convenient and long-lasting alternative to real flowers. And with extra care and maintenance, you can enjoy their beauty for years. Remember to follow the instructions on the sprays and handle the flowers with care to ensure their longevity.


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