What Should You Consider When Planning Wedding Table Decorations

We discuss considerations when choosing and making the best wedding table decorations. Learn more tips from the following content.

Planning for a wedding always has two sides. On one end, you are excited about the wedding; on the other hand, there is so much to do to make the day successful. One of the things you need to do is to include wedding table decorations. There can be several considerations to consider to make the decorations stand out. That is what we want to share with you here.

Below, we have listed the top considerations for planning wedding table decorations.

Wedding Theme And Style

You need to plan the wedding table decorations better based on the overall theme and style. Consider the interests, hobbies, and experiences the couple has had. Try to incorporate that into the design. For example, if the couple loves to travel, use a travel theme on their table decorations.

Look at the venue, ceremony decor, and the desired theme of the event. If you decorate the wedding tables, they should match all that. The same goes for the colors also. Maintaining a theme is vital for ensuring cohesion between the different decorations.

Table Layout And Seating Arrangements

Another consideration for wedding table decorations is the table layout and seating arrangement. In this case, the number of tables you need for the event and shapes is an important consideration.

The table’s size and shape determine how the decorations impact the table’s aesthetics.

Pick the round tables for a classic look. They are also good for creating an intimate and inclusive atmosphere. Such tables still foster easy conversation among the guests.

Rectangular tables are also a good choice. They are ideal for a formal seating structure. They are best for larger gatherings at a wedding.

Some decorations work best for round tables, while others work better for rectangular tables. You will also come across some working for both situations.


Centerpieces for wedding table decorations may determine how well you decorate the tables. Considering the centerpieces act as focal points of the table, they have to be good and stand out. Some centerpiece options include candles, floral arrangements, and a combination of several elements.

When picking the centerpieces, consider the height and size too. They should not obstruct the guests’ views when seated at the table. Let the guests be able to interact with each other.

If you choose fresh blooms for centerpieces, ensure they match the wedding color palette and will still enhance the overall theme. Consider the flowers already in season to get the best offers. Also, you get better freshness while remaining affordable. Remember to get beautiful flower vases to hold the blooms.

Let your mind run wild, and be creative with using other elements for centerpieces. This includes candles and other decorative elements.

wedding table decorations vases for centerpieces

Linens And Tableware

Table linens and tableware are also important for wedding table decorations. When choosing linens, ensure they match the wedding style, theme, and color palette. Make sure the linens can complement the other elements in the wedding decoration.

You also have to consider the linen’s texture, fabric, and pattern. We recommend ivory or crisp white linens for a classic and elegant look. As for a rustic or bohemian vibe, use natural fibers. As for patterns, options include florals, stripes, and geometric options.

We cannot forget to mention the importance of tableware and glassware for wedding table decorations. They are vital as functional and decorative elements. These two should also be proportionate to the table size so you do not overcrowd the space.

Lighting And Ambiance

Lighting is another important aspect of wedding table decorations. Good lighting is vital for improving the ambiance of the wedding. If you want a magical atmosphere, we recommend using proper lighting.

We recommend using soft and diffused lighting options such as amber-toned lights. Warm white lights for a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Harsh bright lighting may detract from the overall ambiance.

So, what are the lighting options for wedding table decorations?

Use candles, string lights, and lanterns to decorate the tables. Candles provide a soft and intimate glow. This adds elegance and romance to the atmosphere. You can choose many candle types from the market to make the decorations.

String or fairy lights are also options for you to consider. This is because of how they can create a magical and whimsical ambiance. You can combine them with greenery or easily suspend the lights from branches to finish the overall wedding theme.

Lanterns can also be a good touch to wedding table decorations. The lanterns are best for a vintage or rustic look. Fill the lanterns with candles or a floral arrangement for a beautiful look.

Personalized Touches

It is your wedding, so it makes sense to have personalized touches to the wedding table decorations too. These personalized touches can also be good for decorations. A good example can be adding monograms or initials to napkins, table runners, and place cards. We recommend trying out custom printing, embroidery, and personalized stickers.

Adding photos as parts of the table decorations can also be a heartwarming decoration the guests can see on the high table. Choose photos with sentimental value, or that capture memorable moments, which mean a lot to you as a couple.

Budget Considerations

Wedding planning involves working with a budget. The aim is to ensure you create beautiful wedding table decorations and stay within budget. Anyone who has worked on wedding decorations before knows just how easy it is to overspend.

Start with setting aside a budget and prioritize the essential elements for table decorations. Once you are done with the essentials and still have more money to spend, you add more decorations to the table decorations.

It is okay to consider the DIY route to save more on the budget and have a personalized touch on the wedding decoration. For example, you could come up with your vases from the house and use seasonal flowers to save money on decoration.


There will always be many moving pieces that make up the wedding table decorations. The most important thing is ensuring they all look good together and feel right. We have talked about considering the theme and style of the wedding. This is the most important consideration since you want cohesion in the wedding decoration. Make sure to also stay within the budget for your wedding decorations.


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