8 Ways To Decorate Hanging Glass Globes For Weddings

Seek creative ways to decorate hanging glass globes for weddings? Read our tips to enhance the sophistication and romanticism of your big day.

Do you want your wedding to stand out with some unique decorations? One way to get this effect is hanging glass globes for weddings from the ceiling. Every couple wants their wedding to stand out, and one way to do that is with unique centerpieces and backdrops for the ceremony.

A common way to decorate a wedding reception hall is to hang glass globes from the ceiling. Here are some ideas for decorating glass globes that got hung at weddings.

How to Choose the Right Glass Globes to Hang?

hanging glass globes for wedding decoration

Before moving on to other ways to decorate, choosing the right glass globes to hang is important. There are many different kinds of hanging glass globes on the market today, such as clear glass globes, colored glass globes, and frosted glass globes. Pick the one that fits best with the style of your big day.

When assembling a collection of glass globes to show off in your home, consider size, shape, and how they are made. Many different sizes and shapes of glass globes can get hung, from round to teardrop to bulb. You should also decide if you want the glass globe hanging from the ceiling made of plastic or glass. Here are 8 different ideas for you!

How to Decorate Hanging Glass Globes at Your Wedding?

plants in hanging glass globes

1. Floral Decorations

Flowers are a traditional part of a wedding. They can even get used to decorating hanging glass globes from the ceiling. You can use real or fake flowers, depending on what you like and how much money you have. Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate glass globes. Here are some ideas:

  • Put a flower that floats, like a lotus or a water lily, into the water in the hanging glass globe.
  • Please make a small bouquet of real or fake flowers and put it in the glass globe.
  • Wrap some floral wire around the bottom of the glass ball and attach a small bunch of flowers to it.
  • Fill the glass globe that hangs from the ceiling with ferns or ivy for a natural, country look.

2. Candle Decorations

hanging glass globes for tealights

Not only do candles give a room a warm, romantic glow. But they can also get used to decorating hanging glass globes from the ceiling. You can make simple or fancy candle decorations for glass globes that hang from the top.

  • Fill the glass ball with water and add candles that float on the surface.
  • Use LED candles or tea lights for an ornament that will last and won’t hurt anyone.
  • Use different-sized candles inside the glass globe.
  • Use candle wax or glue to put small candles inside the glass globe.

3. Lighting Decorations

How a room feels can be completely changed by how it is lit. Here are a few ways to add lights to glass globes hanging from the ceiling.

  • Fill the hanging glass globes with fairy lights to make them look sparkly.
  • A small lamp or light bulb can get put inside the glass globe and hung from the ceiling to make the room feel warm and cozy.
  • Use colored light bulbs to set the mood and match the wedding’s color scheme.
  • Add some personality and fun by putting a small battery-powered light on top of the hanging glass globe.

4. Personalized Decorations

Adding personalized decorations is a great way to make your wedding stand out. You can make your decorations and put them in glass globes to give your home a unique look. Here are some ideas:

  • You can use vinyl letters or stickers to make a monogram for the hanging glass globes display.
  • A small picture of the couple and their family can get put inside a glass globe and hung on the wall.
  • Make a homemade sign with the couple’s initials or the wedding date. And put it on the glass ball that will hang over the reception.
  • With a paint pen, the couple’s names and the wedding date can be written on the glass globe.

5. Beach-Themed Decorations

hanging glass globe

Decorations of glass globes that show tropical scenes look great at a beach ceremony or reception. Here are some ideas:

  • The glass globe should get filled with sand and shells and then hung up.
  • Hang a fishing net with small shells from the glass ball.
  • Use a paint pen to draw a beach scene on the glass globe hanging from the ceiling.
  • Fill the hanging glass globes with blue water and fake fish, then hang them up.

6. Rustic Decorations

Rustic garlands for hanging glass globes look great at weddings in the country or in a garden. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang the glass ball with some dried flowers or twigs in it.
  • Put string or burlap around the glass ball and hang it from the ceiling.
  • To write a message, nail a small piece of wood to the glass globe and use a paint pen to trace over it.
  • Put some small pine cones or acorns in the glass globe and hang it up.

7. Modern Decorations

Hanging glass globes are often used as part of the decor at modern weddings. Here are some ideas:

  • Use geometric shapes to make a modern design on the glass ball.
  • Hang up your glass globe with some colorful flowers in it.
  • You can make a modern pattern by drawing on the glass ball with a metallic paint pen.
  • Use a string of small LEDs to light up the glass globe hanging in the air.

8. DIY Decorations

hanging glass globes for garden decor

Do it on your own If you’re creative, hanging glass globes with decorations is a fun way to add a unique touch to your wedding decor. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a bright flower out of tissue paper to decorate the glass ball.
  • To make a snow globe, fill the hanging glass globe with water, glitter, and a small toy or figure.
  • Write something in chalk on a blackboard-painted glass globe and hang it up.
  • Toss candy of different colors into the glass globe that is hanging.


You can make your wedding feel more beachy if you use hanging glass globes. Your guests will love the hanging glass globe decorations you make from seashells, beach sand, pebbles, and nautical ropes. Use these ideas to help you create your hanging glass globe beach-themed wedding centerpieces.


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