How to Display Decorative Candle Holder For Wedding

A decorative candle holder can bring life to the wedding decoration on a table. Find ideas on how to use candle holders for wedding decoration.

It is common to always find decorative ways of decorating with candle holders in a wedding space. The good thing about candle holders is that they are available in many designs to ensure that a person can choose great candle holders for their weddings.

If you have not used a decorative candle holder before, just know there are many ways to use them for decorating a wedding. Below are some ways to do that and still have a beautiful wedding decoration.

Votive Candle Holders


As one of the common candle holders in the market, we have votive candle holders. The votive candle holders are nice as part of the centerpiece because they can easily blend with the other existing wedding decorations on the table.

Besides the usual plain votive candle holders, you can find a decorative candle holder designed to work with votive or tealight candles. Place several candle holders on each table to form a beautiful centerpiece.

Hang Tealight Candles

hanging tealight decorative candle holder

Another way to use a decorative candle holder is to hang it on top of the table or around the wedding space. A good example is when you are having a backyard wedding. There will be trees where you can hang the tealight candles.

You may also have a candle holder with the option of hanging the candle holders too. It depends on the kind of decorations available.

The good thing about tealight candles is how they make the room or space have a warm glow. They are also versatile for different wedding themes compared to other types of candles.

Arrange Candles Along The Aisle

arrange decorative candle holder along wedding aisle

When the bride has to come down the aisle, it is the most watched area. In such a case, you may also use a decorative candle holder set in such a space. You will have to arrange several candle holders along the aisle so that they light it up for the bride and her entourage.

You can take it up a notch higher by hanging the candles from the ceiling. Other than the candles, include flowers and greenery to ensure a great-looking aisle.

Put Taper Candles On The Tables

colorful taper candles in glass decorative candle holder

Sometimes you may not necessarily have to complicate things. The simplest and most common option is to put a taper candle on the table in a decorative candle holder. Of course, the more candles, the better.

Tapper candles cannot stand independently, thus the need to use candle holders. You could also consider getting multiple colors. It depends on the theme you are going for. Try to get golden candle holders, as they will make the room look rich and luxurious.

Candelabra Decorative Candle Holder

decorative candle holder candelabra for table centerpieces

A candelabra decorative candle holder is one of the most versatile candle holders to get for a wedding event. It has been part of the wedding decoration space for so many years it is a staple already.

The best part about such a candle holder is that it is always available in different designs. You can choose a modern design or go with the traditional rustic look. They also have a way of creating an opulent look.

Other than working with the taper candles, the same works with pillar candles. This will make you enjoy the innovative decor you can achieve at a wedding.

Staircase With Candles

wedding stair with decorative candle holders

The good thing about having a decorative candle holder package, you can set it up almost anywhere. That being said, we cannot forget about sprucing the look of the staircase with candles.

The staircase can be another focal point. This is where you can have the bride enter the room by descending the stairs. You can see why such a staircase needs to be lit with several candles in beautifully designed candle holders.

It is always a nice design when the candles are paired with greenery too. It brings out an elegant look too.

Use Varying Heights Of Candle Holders

various heights of decorative candle holders for table centerpieces

A decorative candle holder package does not have to be one single height. There is always the option of choosing one with varying heights so that when arranged, they create a beautiful design.

Have several tall candle holders at the center and shorter ones on the sides surrounding the tall ones. The arrangement can take different routes as you would like. Try to be creative with the setup to end up with a cute setup of the candle holders.

Use Floating Candles

floating decorative candle holders glass

Floating candles can also help make the decorative candle holder stand out. Pour water into your decorative candle holder or several, then add tealight candles on top. The tealight candles work best for such a setup.

The number of candle holders you want depends on the kind of centerpiece you are going for on the table. Most of the time, you can use as many tealights as possible to provide more light on the wedding table.


A decorative candle holder can go a long way in helping set up a wedding table. That is only possible if you are willing to find many ways of decorating the wedding venue by using candles. Looking at the tips mentioned above, the wedding venue looks awesome with the decorative candle holders in place. Do more research to find out more about how best to keep using candles to decorate a wedding.


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